Inside the high contests both sides states operate in line with the will regarding Jesus

Inside the high contests both sides states operate in line with the will regarding Jesus

To His care commending your, whenever i hope on your own prayers you are going to commend me, We quote your an affectionate goodbye. –February 11, 1861 Farewell Address

Cleverness, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance upon Him, who’s never ever yet , forsaken it preferred belongings, are qualified to to evolve, regarding the most practical way, all our present problem. –February 4, 1861 Very first Inaugural Target

The need of God is present. Each other tends to be, and something need to be, wrong. –Sep 1862 Reflection on Divine Will

Sufficient is famous out of Armed forces functions over the last 5 days to help you allege the especial gratitude so you can Goodness; if you find yourself exactly what remains undone demands our extremely sincere prayers so you’re able to, and you will dependence on, Your, in place of whom, most of the peoples efforts was vain

If i had got my personal method, this conflict couldn’t was basically began; If i got greeting my way this battle would have ended until then, but we find they however continues on; and now we need to accept that He it allows it for most smart reason for their own, strange and you can unfamiliar so you’re able to united states; and even though with our restricted understandings we could possibly not be in a position to understand it, yet , we can not but faith, which he exactly who made the world however controls they. –Oct twenty-six, 1862 Respond to Eliza Gurney

Everything perfect getting man’s appeal, here and hereafter, should be discovered represented inside it

Nonetheless, in the middle of ideal dilemmas from my Management, when i couldn’t see any resort, I’d lay my personal whole reliance on Goodness, with the knowledge that the perform go better, and therefore He would decide for best. –Oct twenty four, 1863 Remarks into the Baltimore Presbyterian Synod

For the idea I hate a keen oath and this demands one to claim he’s perhaps not over completely wrong. It rejects the fresh new Christian concept out-of forgiveness on the regards to repentance. I think it’s sufficient if the boy does zero incorrect hereafter. –February 5, 1864 Memorandum in order to Secretary Stanton

If God now wills eliminating a great completely wrong, and you can wills including that individuals of your Northern as well as your of Southern, will shell out fairly in regards to our complicity for the reason that wrong, unbiased background can find therein this new cause so you can attest and you will revere the brand new fairness and you will goodness away from God. –April 4, 1864 Letter to help you Albert Hodges

To see on the Bible, since the word of Jesus themselves, that “In the sweat away from thy face shalt thou consume cash,” and to preach therefrom you to, “Regarding sweat off other people’s face shalt thou consume cash,” to my head can also be barely getting reconciled which have sincere sincerity. –Will get 29, 1864 Page in order to George Ide and others

I am really happy in fact to see you to-nights, however I will not say We thanks for this phone call, however, I do very really thank Almighty God towards celebration on what you may have called. –July 7, 1864 A reaction to a Serenade

We hoped for a happy cancellation of terrible conflict much time until then; but Goodness understands greatest, features ruled if not. We are going to yet recognize His understanding and our own mistake therein. –Sep 4, 1864 Letter so you’re able to Eliza Gurney

I’m far in financial trouble toward an excellent Christian people of the latest nation due to their constant prayers and you will consolations; and to nobody of them, more than so you can oneself. –Sep 4, 1864 Letter so you can Eliza Gurney

All the a beneficial the new Saviour provided to the world are presented from this publication. But also for it we are able to not see straight from incorrect. –September seven, 1864 Answer Loyal Coloured Individuals of Baltimore on Presentation out-of a good Bible