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The mission of the “Humanities, Arts and Society” Project is to demonstrate the impact of the arts and creativity on society, promote global understanding and collaboration between the disciplines, as well as establish a worldwide movement of artists, researchers, thinkers and project holders.


Humanities, Arts and Society endorsed and is developing the art program line of the Jena Declaration, an effort to promote global sustainability culturally and regionally.

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Artists from all regions of the world must develop multidisciplinary cooperation with fields of research and the sciences, in the following spheres: The arts as tools in innovation, invention, evolution, and progress; The arts as tools in education, knowledge, and awareness; The arts as tools in practical and sustainable development; The arts as tools in critical thinking, revolution, and resistance; The arts as tools to fight all forms of discrimination.

“The arts do not replace science and are not reducible to the concerns of the sciences, but they participate in the process of developing the creativity, the imagination of new futures, of diversity and of critical thinking.”

Prof. Luiz Oosterbeek
President of CIPSH

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Exhibition and events

Inhabited by fear 

@ Mémoire de l’Avenir


From 13th of November until the 18th of December 2021, the gallery Mémoire de l’Avenir presents Inhabited by Fear, the latest photography project by Italian artist Riccarda Montenero.

Fear never leaves us: as children or adults, we are constantly inhabited by it. Fear is a dark, deep and powerful feeling because of its capacity to shape subjectivities and even common feelings.” RM

Riccarda Montenero asked the director Teresa Scotto di Vettimo to delve into her work. Consequently, she presents the short film Dressed by Fear: Vision of an Ordinary Visitor, performed by Laurent Borel in collaboration with Riccarda Montenero.

In the context of this exhibition, the performance Alpha Bêta Sarah, based on the novel by Constance Chlore,  will be presented on 11 December at 6pm, with the dancer David Pisani the pop singer Rosie not Rosie, a sound creation by Romain Pangaud and a reading by Constance Chlore. On a backdrop of domestic violence, this performance develops around Ernest’s luminous dream of learning to fly like a bird.

Artist: Riccarda Montenero

@ 47 rue Ramponeau, 75020 Paris.
Metro Stations: Belleville (line 2 and 11) or Pyrenees (line 11).

The entire exhibition and performance will be presented at the International Philosophy Day on 18 November 2021, broadcast online by UNESCO.

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