Traveling exhibition

The exhibition brings together artists who are both known in contemporary art circles or who belong to the new emerging creative scene.

BEING: A multidisciplinary exhibition by HAS

The exhibition brings together artists who are both known in contemporary art circles or who belong to the new emerging creative scene, who are using original and interdiciplary means to enter the journey of inquiries on matters related to human beings as to the well beings of the world.
The event can be developed with the partners and includes:

The central themes of the event include the identities of humans and things, communication, language, migrations, borders, territories, equality and gender.


The theme of the symposium is WHY the arts and the humanities can contribute to positive social change towards inclusive and sustainable development in the fields of education, peace, gender, inter-cultural dialogue, ecology, and more. Humanities, Arts and Society offer artistic and cultural events that seek to open the debates and promote cross-cultural learning and interdisciplinary collaborations between the arts and the humanities, and between artists and scholars.


The workshop HOW aims to share knowledge, methods and tools between artists, scholars and community leaders. Its goal is to inspire interdisciplinary projects between artists and scholars in the humanities, looking also to implant practical and theoretical projects that will nurture activities around social change on all themes of society, thus aiming towards inclusive and sustainable development in Education, Peace Dialogue, Health, Environments, Migrations, Coexistence, and other fields. The HOW workshop treats ethics and aesthetics as one.

Over 20 years Mémoire de l’Avenir/Humanities, Arts and Society has been producing interactive theoretical and practical creative tools for artists and for project leaders, aiming to promote global understanding and knowledge. Anchored in the arts and the humanities, we believe that creativity is a powerful means of learning and of all cognitive activities, developing the senses of critical observation and reflection, dialogue and expressions, and is the base for rethinking the humanities and ways of life.

MDA-HAS aims to contribute with the Arts and the Humanities to respect diversity, while confronting questions of individual and collective identities, of (bio)diversity, justice and acceptance of pluralism, while transcending habitual references and ways of thinking. These are also the keys to achieve positive change in an inclusive and sustainable process of progress, to counteract ignorance, racism and bias against people, cultures, sciences and the planet.

The training workshops are conducted with artists, mediators from the local community, professors that wish to contribute with creativity to equality, dialogue, peace, pluralism, migrations, coexistence, and more.


Organizing the event

If you wish to organize this event at your art institution, university or local community centre, please write to