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Anaïs Pradoura

There are many ways to become elderly or react to the disease. We can deal with it and resign ourselves. It’s also possible to keep going despite the adversity, to move again, under the influence of various interaction : this is the process of resilience in which music, theater, dance and artistic activity are catalysts.
To move is said in Latin movere. Ex-movere, “moving outwards” gave the word “emotion”. Emotions have engendered music, which engenders emotions.
The ways to accompany the patients are not only technical. Medicine treats an organ, treats an organism, rarely the person. Neither studies in medical schools, nor university education show that the human has several dimensions.
The art of accompanying sick people is to place themselves in an approach focusing on bio-psycho-social wellness. Taking care of the patient is the main goal of this approach taking into account all his needs, preservating his emotional relational and social context.
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