About us

Humanities Arts and Society invites artists, researchers and creative project leaders, working individually or as collectives to present your motivations, your objectives and how your work has an impact in society.

The original open call for artists was launched in connection with the 2017 World Humanities Conference.

Videos were received from all around the world, from artists working in the disciplines of visual arts, photography, film, music, performance, creative writing, architecture, culinary arts, crafts, and more, with social challenges including ecology, discrimination, urbanism, migration, cultural memory, coexistence, education, economics and politics.

Projects can be browsed on Artists and projects and on the interactive map.

The Humanities Arts and Society platform continues to present these projects and invites artists to join this global movement, demonstrating how arts, culture and creative impact society.

To get involved, send us a short video in your native language, subtitled in English describing your artistic practice and work including:
– Your motivations
– Your objectives
– The impact of your work in society

Video requirements

– The video should not be longer than 1 minute 30 seconds
– Describe your artistic practice and work, your motivations, your objectives and the impact of your work in society. How you wish to present this is up to you – creative choices and visuals are very welcome
– Must be recorded in your native language and include subtitles in English
– If possible, the video needs to be recorded in full HD and MP4 format, with 3dBU sound
– Must be free of rights to use (before publishing your materials we will ask you to sign an agreement regarding its use). The videos will be uploaded to the Arts and Society video account.
– Your art work should be visible, heard or included otherwise in the video
– No pejorative connotations, propagandas or discriminatory statements will be accepted

Additional documents

– A presentation including your name, country, artistic discipline(s), website
– A description of your project (disciplines, topics) in English
– Your objectives as an artist and/or the impact your work has in local, national or global communities
– Up to 10 visuals in HD representing your project

Please send your dossier including your video and additional documents to contact@humanitiesartsandsociety.org by email or via file transfer.

Projects will be published on the page Artists and projects and accessible to all. Videos and presentations will also be adapted and published on the Humanities, Arts and Society newsletters and social media ( Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts.

Artists and projects may also be included in international events organized by Humanities, Arts and Society, in the framework of UNESCO, C.I.P.S.H and Mémoire de l’Avenir. Our aims are to share and to increase knowledge of cultures, and to demonstrate how the arts, cultural heritage, language and creativity, contribute to fostering positive social change towards inclusive and sustainable development, intercultural dialogues, mutual respect and understanding.

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