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Eva Wissenz
The Imagining of our Fertile Future

I’m French-Italian and I live in Finland. I’m a writer and I’m also a gardener, an activist, an entrepreneur and a mother.

I have a Master in Literature. Books saved my life but these books I loved, Rilke, Flaubert, Maupassant, Baudelaire, can no longer help me to face what’s around us: a global crisis that is seriously threatening the future of our children.

I have left my career in Paris, France in art and culture to write and serve my ideals. I’m working as CEO of a solar energy company for the poorest and I wrote and published about 12 books. In each one of them, I try to address a human problem in an unconventional way.

I’m fighting against monoculture in literature, especially with French literature, that is completely disconnected from the major crisis that humanity is facing. Writers are still writing about their broken hearts, depression, family struggles… I’m not saying that it’s not important but maybe we can go back to this later on, when the crisis is solved and humans are back on sanity tracks.

So, what is an unconventional way to create fiction?

For example it’s to imagine conflicts that can be solved using non-violent communication.

It’s propose that caring and health are more appealing than violence and self-destruction.

It’s to give a perception that the “News” do have a long history and we should be able to take a step back and watch closer in order to undestand what’s happening.

It’s to believe, at every page, that humans can be good, create good and share that beautiful common space called Earth.

It’s also creating with people and promoting cooperative culture through two major projects: Changeurs de monde (redefine History, as Howard Zinn did with the American History) and Le Petit Lexique des Nouveaux Paradigmes (re-define words, with +200 contributors).

Art is essential in our lives.
We are constantly creating.
We are creating our lives.
And with words, we can act.
As a writer, my quest is to bring life, to bring alternatives and new ways to behave in fictions and novels.
For me all these words are seeds, disseminating in the gardens of imagination.
Re-empowered words, free from centuries of poor use of them.
Spirits can be revitalized again by positive, meaningful and inspiring stories that are nourrishing actions.
I live in Finland, I work in English, I write in French.
My langage, my land is French and “francophonie”.
I live in the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. With all these people that are building the new paradigmes and these meaningful alternatives.
I bring this energy in all my books and in cooperative projects.
Petit Lexique des Nouveaux Paradigmes
“A”… as in “Amour”
Love is the answer. What was the question.
“A”… as in “Apocalypse”
Event that can happen any time.
“C”… as in “Coeur”
The central space where all springs and all returns.

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