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François Roman in a French photographer and videographer, he studied plastic arts at La Sorbonne, he discovered History of art and experienced various artistic practices.

Carré Noir is an audiovisual creation based on the industrial heritage of the Pays d’Olmes (Ariège). This work start in the summer 2018, finds its culmination in the form of an exhibition which is divided into 3 parts : photographic prints, slide shows and videos

The artistic approach is based on the sensations of abandoned spaces. Its a look
on the present. Walking through disused factories means crossing distressing and scary spaces populated by ghosts, those of memory, but also those of a contemporary imagination.

Its an echo of the “quadrangles” of the painter Kasimir Malevich who opened the way to abstraction and plunged the 20th century into a radical modernist. The musical creation occupies an important part of his work too.

-François Roman

Carré Noir, série 1
30 tirages photographiques (Format carré) 420x420mm


The “All Over” exhibition is a photographic variation around Action Painting.
The photographs are digitally processed : the positive and negative layers are superimposed with a software for creations that sometimes approach medical imaging, as if we were exploring an imaginary body.

This fresco, composed of three three shots, three moments assembled in a into a panorama, is crossed by a by a multiplied character. It is no longer a question of time past or present, but of a situation situation that repeats itself, a chronic chronic ailment. An echo of my family history, this free interpretation of the photo Spanish refugees during the transfer to the Barcarès camp (Pyrénées-Orientales) by Robert Capa’s photo, comes in contrast to the the media presentation that has accompanied the accompanying the Syrian crisis of 2015. As in the media, the video is on a loop, reinforcing the feeling of invasion. An indifferent bird song, the passing of threatening planes, involve us in an anguishing music.

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