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Georges Miankiri Gamthety

Georges Miankiri Gamthety was born in N’Djamena, Chad. He is an Artistic Director, graduated from the University of Paris VIII, and lives in Romainville, a suburb of Paris (France). His “Symphonik’art” of paintings and sketches witness his great sensibility to issues of society such as of human rights, the freedom of speech, about living together in respect between cultures, and education for all. The artist’s taste for Jazz is evident in many of his works, and like his music, his art, tags, graph are an attempt for a universal expression that transcends languages and time. ” My objective through my art is above all to share a shadow state of mind that will each time be in lighted by a positive and reassuring message, using the art as my tool… ”. From the World Cup in 1998 official wall painting to the portrait of the former president Holland, his work can also be found in the streets, shops, schools, etc.

His productions were few times selected for Cannes festival. He proposed his competence in quite a few missions in Africa, and been supported by the Chad and the USA embassies.

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