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Maria-Rosa Szychowska

Art is a way of bringing people together, breaking down social barriers. It is a source of hope that I wish to offer as best I can.
I traveled to different parts of the world in order to immerse myself in different cultures by creating works of art.
While I was creating murals in the Canary Islands, many people stopped to watch me work. They shared their dreams and aspirations, and also confessed how much the simple fact of watching me paint, of following my passion gave them hope in their own dreams It is at this moment that I realized that to realize our dreams, to live the life we desires, is not only beneficial for ourselves, but it is just as much for the people around us, Because we become at this moment the bearers of hope, we become, without really realizing it, a source of inspirations for the others.
That’s what I want to offer with my project 12-12-12.
12-12-12 it’s 12 months, 12 countries, 12 murals. From next January I will go to 12 countries of Latin America, one month per country, to paint a free of charge mural in different types of non-profit organization. This will allow me to put color into the life of local communities, share my love of creation and also give others the taste to express themselves.
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