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Marie Julie
Femmes en 2016

Born on a French island of the archipelago of the Mascarenes of the Indian Ocean, I have lived for several years between Reunion and the European continent. As a transdisciplinary artist, I undertake experiments that question the notions of encounter, relationship, love of beings in time spaces. Sometimes in a collective way, sometimes in a solitary way, I question this harvest of acts, gestures and forms produced in a space collective working time. I have named this whole process of plastic encounters. My artistic practices are areas of encounters and heteropias to live in a solitary and / or collective way together. The definition of art that touches me most is this quotation from John Cage: “We must accept that others are different. The goal is to broaden self-awareness to better understand others (…). ” I live undisciplined and cooperative experiences. I work to meet, to explore active benevolence beyond our mental borders .For me Art happen in first in Life like the philosophy of Allan Kaprow : this is my way.

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