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Marina Arsangerieva

Marina Arsangerieva is a Ukrainian fine artist, who now lives and studies in German city Frankfurt am Main. She usually works with oil and acrylic paints. Influenced by Van Gogh in her earlier works, she however changed from colorful impressionistic style to more darker, abstract and figurative direction, which helps her to reveal her inner feelings and impressions and awoke the deepest emotions of the audience.

Her abstract depictions of female figures, bodies and faces, symbolize the vision of the surrounding world, which she represents in the society from the female point of view. Revealing of femaleness is the core motive of her work, which she often combines with the challenging background from within. Her latest series is a good example of it: mixture of female depictions and traditional Ukrainian flower motives (petrykivka) illustrates to the modern society the awful political situation in her homeland. She, the same as her the most favourite musician and human rights activist Nina Simone, believes that “the artist’s duty is to reflect the times and the situations, in which she finds himself.” So she tries to follow this motto on her artistic way.

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