Addictive TV: Call for refugee musicians based in Europe

UK arts charity ArtReach are seeking talented musicians across Europe from refugee and sanctuary seeking backgrounds to work with digital artists Addictive TV, creators of the acclaimed global music project Orchestra of Samples.  Musicians will be recorded and filmed to create a new piece of music with spoken word by poet and artist Momtaza Mehri, and the new work will be presented as part of the Liberty EU project ( )

This is a paid opportunity and fees will be offered based on the musician’s experience and expertise.  We are looking for musicians who specialise in traditional music forms and play traditional instruments, from percussion such as Kayamba or Mbumbumbu bass drum to instruments such as the Somali kaban, Ethiopian and Eritrean bowl-lyre, Qanun, Nzumari/Zumari flute/African oboe, or instruments on UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Please email your details or recommendations to  with links to examples on YouTube or Facebook, a website if there is one and contact information. Deadline 29th January 2021.  Look forward to hearing from you!