APHELEIA: Education, Training, Communication

“The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) begins with the premise that transformations of nature are based upon human actions, and that human actions are based upon schemes of interpretation. With globalization, the conditions for human action have changed dramatically. Dealing successfully with cultural, social, and climate changes, on a global level, requires people to understand their locally embedded lives in a global context. Global understanding becomes a new conditio humana. It necessitates bridging a gap between local and global effects—as thinking globally and acting on an appropriate social, ethical, and aesthetic level presupposes. A lack of understanding of the consequences of our actions may have a disastrous impact on our future. Individuals, and societies, must unite in order to live together in awareness of one another. Each can make a difference by proposing actions and providing solutions.

Arts and cultures are powerful and ideal mediators in the constitution of social realities, via learning and interchange. With the ongoing rise of world free-media tools, digital platforms, and sociocultural practices, knowledge theoretically has a global reach.

Arts and cultures are a journey into the world of mankind, beyond political or religious limits. Art is an expression and emulation of the human mind. It criticizes, proposes, invents, thinks, transforms. It records our pluralism.”

Extract from Art Education by Margalit Berriet in Education, training and communication in cultural management of landscapes

Read the full article on page 55 and download the book from here: http://www.apheleiaproject.org/apheleia/Publications/_07.%20Education,%20Training%20and%20Communication%20in%20cultural%20management%20of%20landscapes.pdf