“Bal(l)ade poétique”, la Compagnie Humaine

Bal(l)ade poétique is a dance performance by la Compagnie Humaine, headed by Éric Oberdorff.

Since 2018, the compagny has been creating and proposing poetic wanderings, tailor-made artistic journeys to discover alternative spaces, be they urban or rural, gardens, museums, wastelands, parks, forests, monuments or other heritage sites. Taking the Icelandic poet Sjón’s statement, “I have seen the universe!” In an ode to light, nature and life, each movement, each look, each note, each breath weaves with intensity and tenderness a dialogue with the spaces that surround them.

They will be performing in different locations over the summer, find their calander here.

Distribution / danse : Cécile Robin Prévallée
Music : Delphine Barbut
Concept & choregraphy : Éric Oberdorff