Call for papers : Culture of Diversity

The International Journal of Anthropology, founded by Brunetto Chiarelli and lead by the University of Florence, has announced a call for papers on the theme of Culture of Diversity: The world is not culturally flat.

“It might be surprising, but the world is today less culturally flat than in the past. For centuries, the prevailing scientific knowledge has been western, educated, industrialized, wealthy, and democratic. Western culture was the benchmark for all people, even long after the ending of colonization. The relationship between Europe and the USA was the dominant model of international socioeconomic and cultural exchanges around the Atlantic Ocean. There was a tacit
consensus that a selected and restricted group of people was the moral deposit of the universal truths. All people could be—or tend to become—the same in a unified and flat world.”

Date submission: October 20, 2021
Publication: December 2021
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International Journal of Anthropology, Environment and Territory is edited by Gian Luigi Corinto

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