‘Dr Junkenstein’ – Addictive TV’s new release

We are delighted to announce Addictive TV‘s upcoming release Dr Junkenstein.

Over the years, Addictive TV recorded a number of musicians building instruments from recycled junk, particularly Brazilian eco-band Patubatê and more recently the UK’s Junk Orchestra, both who’s rummaging through skips yields incredible results and who’s funky percussion of a spinning bicycle wheel and a car exhaust pipe feature in the track.

Dr Junkenstein heads off in a jazz direction, as they felt these kind of percussion samples worked well with wonderful saxophone they had recorded in Poděbrady with Czech musician Petr Kroutil.  It then all fused together around some fantastic drums from Ukrainian drummer Sergey Balalaev they had recorded in St Petersburg, Russia, and a great piano riff that complemented the sax, created from sampling recordings with Jack Hues – the multi-instrumentalist and lead singer of 1980’s pop sensation Wang Chung (who still perform today!).

Addictive TV will release the record on the 22nd of October 2021, visit this link to listen to the teaser !