“Identités Meurtrières” – Nour Awada

In memory of Ali Awada

Echoing Amin Maalouf’s “On Identity”, Nour Awada proposes a critical reflection on identity, the multiplicity of its components, its tears and its drifts. Performed by ten artists, Identités meurtrières explores the paths through which each individual becomes what they are, and invites us to listen to the stories that mark out and shape each person’s feelings of belonging.

With Nour Awada, Vladimir Barbera, Mickael Berdugo, Olivia Kuy, Daniele Marranca, Régis Nkissi, Marie Petitjean, Lorraine Poujol, Maxime Saint-Jean, Mayya Sanbar

Centre Georges Pompidou,
Paris, France
22h20 and 00h | Museum, level 4