“LE GRAND PLONGEON” – Maud Louvrier Clerc

For the opening of LE GRAND PLONGEON [The Big Dive], Maud Louvrier Clerc announced that she is a co-signatory of the UNESCO JENA Declaration. It calls for a change of strategy to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals through a new approach taking into account the regional cultural and historical context to develop effective solutions.

“This exhibition reflects my hope in our ability to move towards sustainable development to protect marine biodiversity, through citizen mobilisation and the circular economy. In the first exhibition space: diffusion, the visitor is immersed in the heart of the ocean, prey to plastic nanoparticles and the disappearance of sand, in a second room, action, they can become a healer of the ocean, take part in the great metamorphosis” specifies the artist.

Biodiversity refers to the incredible diversity of living things. The word became known in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. But far from being a number of species, it includes four dimensions: the diversity of species, genetic diversity, the diversity of ecosystems, but also and above all all the interactions that exist within and between these three levels. Robert Barbault, professor of ecology at the Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University, has defined it as “the living fabric of the planet”.

“Inspired by my practice of apnea and scuba diving, I develop an artistic reflection on balance and evolution. Balance of ecosystems and evolution, dear to Darwin: What will our Earth look like in a few centuries? The question remains open.”

LE GRAND PLONGEON invites the public to an immersive experience in the sea that is plagued by plastic nanoparticles and the disappearance of sand.

The exhibition consists of several series of watercolours, paintings, installations, one of which is participatory, a sculptural ensemble, a musical composition and design workshops. It seeks to reveal the beauty of the ocean as well as underline the disappearance of wild species, their potential domestication for recreational purposes and humanity’s lack of respect for ecosystems. Finally it proposed to reflect on the need to set ourselves in motion, starting with the use of our objects and the management of our waste. Through her artworks, Maud Louvrier Clerc evokes the dangers faced by marine ecosystems and the consequent challenges facing our civilisation today: the protection of its environment and the implementation of moderation and a circular economy.

To find more about the exhibition : http://maudlouvrierclerc.com/archives-419.html

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