Louise, elle est folle [FR]

We are delighted to share that our friend, Cécile Bouillot, is performing in a new play Louise, elle est folle.

Written by Leslie Kaplan, the show explores the intricacies of a friendship between two women:

“Who is crazy in Louise, elle est folle ?
The two women accuse each other on stage. Bickering , they use a third, the absent Louise, as a way of designating what they in no way want to be. They lash out at each other, as if each one represents something for the other that she rejects. Yet it is all about habitual behaviour, phrases heard everywhere, buying anything, travelling without seeing, eating without thinking, wanting to win, the daily horror and the cinema, the clichés, the clichés, the clichés … all things that are real and present, that are there, in the world.
Are they crazy to do what is being done? Or is reality crazy? I’m talking to you, not listening to you.
The world is upside down. It smells like revolution!
But how can we live together?”

If there is something wrong with the way we talk, if there are lies or unspoken things, it creates disorder in the head and then disorder in social behaviour. My battle is in making explicit what the words mean.”

Leslie Kaplan

You can see the play in the following locations:

  • 25th of August @ 17:00 at the Jardin Partagé du Centre Socioculturel Belleville, place Marcel Achard, Paris, 75019
  • 28th of August @ 17:00 at the Jardin “Les haies partagées”, 41 rue des Haies, Paris, 75020
  • 4th of September @ 17:00 at the Jardin “Cité Aubry”, 2 bis Cité Aubry, Paris, 75020
  • 5th of September @ 16:00 at the Jardin Partagés « Le 56 », 56 Rue Saint-Blaise, Paris 75020 
  • 11th of September @ 19:00 at the Jardin Partagés « La terrasse du T3», 50 Rue de la Justice, Paris, 75020