“Outsiders Welcome” – Steve Chapman (aka stevexoh)

Stevexoh’s work explores the concepts of creativity and the human condition and, in particular, the tension created between the innate and often conflicting human needs for both adventure/exploration and safety/security.  Steve explains “I make art purely to help me make more sense of my human experience.  It is an expression of the wonder, the confusion, the excitement, the repulsion and the general highs and lows of my day to day life. I find the world an increasingly bizarre place and that fascinates me. I share my artwork with the world in the hope that it invites others to do the same, to step away from the games and routines that we inherit from society and to truly embrace and dance with the mysteries that lie beneath.

Steve’s work is diverse and often explores themes of the unkown, of dissonance, of wonder and presents itself in a way that others describe as impeccably depict what it means to be human.  Steve says “For me the practice of not knowing is the most important thing and my art allows me to do this.  Whether it is drawing, painting, paper cutting, street art installations or conceptual projects like my silent podcast, all of them are an invitation into a space of not knowing that allows us to experience the world with a renewed sense of curiosity and wonder.

In collaboration with Unrtun, “Outsiders Welcome” at Yellow Edge Gallery, in Gosport UK, is the first solo show of the artist. The exhibition will be the most extensive collection of Steve’s work to date and comprises over 80 drawings, paintings, paper cuttings and other weird and wonderful installations.

Find all the information about the exhibition here.