Protect International Artistic Heritage

Our friends L’AiR Arts initiated a cultural heritage project to preserve and restore the last atelier of the prominent artists community of Cité Falguière in Paris. Following an extensive research and restoration programme, the Atelier is scheduled to reopen in 2022 as an International Arts Research Residency – keeping its original purpose and the name, Atelier 11.

Just as it was initially established as an artist-led initiative more than a century ago, L’AiR Arts aims to restore Atelier 11 as an accessible space for research, exchange, creation and presentation. A new emblematic home for L’AiR Arts, the Atelier 11 residency will welcome local and international professionals for solo and duo projects that will run parallel to the international group programs, partner residencies and community events.

“I’m so happy to know L’AiR Arts have emerged from the pandemic stronger and more committed and engaged than ever. This new development, the use and restoration of Atelier 11, is brilliant, harmonious with your mission, and historically important, looking both forward and back. Bravo to all involved.”  

– Rosalyn Driscoll, USA, L’AiR Arts artist-in-residence, 2019.