World Logic Day 2022

Mémoire de l’Avenir and HAS have been invited once again to participate to World Logic Day on the 14th of January 2022. We will participate with a preview of our upcoming exhibition, IN BETWEENERS, a group exhibition, around the works of 14 artists who approach intergenerational ties, marked by tells of migratory paths, with the resulting intercultural relations and new forms of otherness as well as possible new identities.

Participating artists are: Avi Ezra, Benni Efrat, Dafna Shalom, Etti Abergel, Eyal Assulin, Fae A. Djeraba, Jack Jano, Joseph Dadoune, Judith Anis, Moran Asraf, Nadou Fredj, Nesrine Mouelhi, Nitza Genosar, Roei Greenberg.

First proclaimed on 26 November 2019, at the 40th General Conference of UNESCO, the 14 January is World Logic Day, a global day of supporting the development of logic through teaching and research, as well as to public dissemination of the discipline. The date chosen to celebrate World Logic Day, 14 January, corresponds to the date of death of Kurt Gödel and the date of birth of Alfred Tarski, two of the most prominent logicians of the twentieth century.

The Conseil International de Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines (CIPSH) and its member organisation, the Division for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (DLMPST/IUHPST), are coordinating the dynamic and global annual celebration of World Logic Day aiming at fostering international cooperation, promoting the development of logic, in both research and teaching, supporting the activities of associations, universities and other institutions involved with logic, and enhancing public understanding of logic and its implications for science, technology and innovation.

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