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Bernardu Pazzoni
Traditional Music Corsica

As a “Corsican fiddler” Bernardu Pazzoni presents this idea, this project, which is for him a cultural and vital motivation, for the inhabitants of Corsica.
The starting point is a research of more than 30 years, collecting the memory and sounds of the last musicians of oral tradition throughout the island.
The project would consist of creating an instrumental ensemble according to our popular and peasant oral traditions – Creating the fundamental link between musical practice and dance.

– To promote through these cultural practices a whole art of living by highlighting the fiddlers, dancers, painters and sculptors of our island by encouraging an exchange with other artists from the Mediterranean world from India to Portugal.
We believe that this approach will have a concrete impact on society, developing and promoting direct human communication between Corsicans and the outside world, through cultural exchanges, breathing between the peoples of our Mother Earth. In the real hope of an improvement in daily life.
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