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Briant Rokyta
Permanent Creation

In my work a principle has crystallized over the years, which I call Permanent Creation. Permanent Creation involves not only artistic things but everything that happens.
Permanent Creation understands Creation as a lasting perpetual act, which takes place again at any moment. Every moment is creation and we are immediate, intimate part of it. We are all artists, creative beings. We ARE the creative power of life.
However, when we look into our modern society, it soon becomes clear that an egocentric understanding of the world is dominant and evident. The effects are devastating, but this is not surprising, because ego is based on separation. The human mind has overlaid creation with use and gain references and individuals experience themselves as being separate in a hostile world.
One can see the world in one way or another; Either through the ego based experience or through the direct experience of creation. These two possibilities exist parallel, if you find yourself in one the other disappears. A change is possible at any moment, paradise is only an instant away.

Permanent Creation is at the heart of the movement, in the middle of the conversation, in the quality of touch. Everything is constantly changing, there is no control and no security, only the miracle of the moment.
Briant Rokyta is an Austrian artist based in Vienna. He follows the principle of PERMANENT CREATION in performance, drawing, painting, writing and sculpting and in providing lectures and workshops.

PERMANENT CREATION is another way of viewing the world. Not through the rational mind but through the level of being, of life, which is constantly creating itself: Each moment is creation and oneself is intimate part of it. Human society is also changing, a new level of relatedness arises and the age of separation is sinking. I find it helpful and joyful to use art in such a way to support this process in favor of a world that is more beautiful, integrative and playful.
The best way of doing so is to show this potential of art, in various garments and as a way of life together with fellow artists.
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