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Lu Hang
Human nature in history and reality

My paintings are based on myth, history and prophecy. In the paintings I express what I feel about human nature in history and reality, thus forming another clue to human beings, beasts and ghosts. The two clues from my painting through image, feeling and imagination.

In high school, I went to Beijing Station to sketch for 4 nights every week. There are many free models to draw because many passengers sleep inside the station. I talked with them while drawing. Among them are businessmen, monks, thieves, police, civil servants, tramps, students, soldiers and so on. Such a kind of chats lasted for four years. Later, during interviews with my parents all over the country, I suddenly realized that the world actually has a different outlook, and so does human nature.
I’ve always wondered why we are like this. Why is our world like this? After continuous exploration, I found that there is another real world behind this beautifully decorated world. And what is it? What is the origin of our history?

The poet Gu Cheng said: “The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to look for light.” Light? Where is the light? What is the darkness full of? I want to use my eyes to witness what all this is, and use my brush to lead the light to illuminate everything in the shadow again. I know, this is too solemn for many people. This solemn burden may be the price we pay for advancing.
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