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Rani Sharma & Radha Binod Sharma

IMA-FOUNDATION.COM has been working over 10 years to identify and develop artistic talent from the Indian subcontinent.
Our primary mission is to identify, develop and promote artistic talent through a close, collaborative and creative partnership with artists, educators and patrons of art.
We are also committed to ensuring that talent from India is well represented on the international stage.
We also want to address the psychological challenge of honing cultural identity and integrity of expression and heightening artistic confidence. This is in response to witnessing the cultural dominance through British colonial rule which has undermined the authentic expression of contemporary Indian artistic expression.
IMA FOUNDATION.COM is also committed to a fundamental universal truth which is the importance of harnessing the power of truthfulness as a tool for personal and social transformation. It is very important for each and everyone of us to know what is essential and hear Pelt to use this as a foundation.
They also focus on the need to address important societal challenges vis a vis energy, engagement and the cultivation of human potential and creativity. Many in society and particularly in organisational systems feel constrained, underutilised and diminished in terms of their ability to find meaning and fulfilment in their lives. These issues are important to address as cultivation of human energy and creative potential is wasted on a broad basis. Harnessing human energy is therefore becoming an imperative and integral to sustaining the efficacy and sustainability of individuals and the organisations they serve. Despite the prevalence of this social malaise the solutions are also being understood and applied from the new emerging fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Authentic Leadership. The session will highlight practical approaches used in business by individuals and leaders to help optimise well-being and maximise creative contribution.
IMA carry on the knowledge and practice of “ANUBHAV” is in Indian this word means the world of remembered sensory feelings. Creating a quiet meditative space where individuals can directly understand and experience the activation of their sensory world. To achieve this we will use guided meditation, Indian music, art and writing to help individuals engage more fully with themselves. Following the short experience, individuals will also be asked to communicate their hopes and aspirations for the future. We will use both words and pictures to help them convey their sentiments. We will create a live installation during the event and post this subsequently on social media i.e. the process of creation and the end state ie. People’s collective hopes and desires for themselves or the world. TRADITIONAL DANCE WARRIORS GROUP – IMA Thang-Ta is represented and backed up by the IMA foundation, the IMA Thang-Ta are a traditional dance warriors group from a North East place in India called Manipur. Radha Binod is promoting them as they are an endangered art under the IMA banner. They were introduced for the first time in the ANUBHAV tour Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Vadodara and we sponsored and introduced them to several important venues and people.
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