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Loul Combres
Voyage d'un peuple de terre

Since 1983 I have been making very large performance sculptures in clay in public and with the public. My medium-sized ceramic pieces (from 30cm to 1 meter) whose themes are often the result of indignation: against torture, revolt of the people of earth, migrations, the journey of a people of earth, international amnesty…

With 100 tons of clay I made a replica of the Bastille for the bicentenary of the revolution in 1989 with the Amiens-Nord art centre. This Bastille was set on fire with 25 tons of wood on June 21st. People of 15 nationalities participated in the performance.

I have also created works on other occasions, including:

  • Sculptures for human rights in 1989 in Colomiers near Toulouse.
  • The dragon of the Papoire in Amiens in 1995 as a reminder of the prohibitions of the religious of the Middle Ages and their prohibitions to any festive manifestation. About 400 children of all nationalities from the city’s schools took part.
  • Mediterranean friendship: in Tunisia with Tunisian, French, Egyptian, Syrian and Moroccan artists. Realizations of a large sphere of 3 meters in diameter.
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