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Delphine Monnereau

Delphine Monnereau tackles complex and taboo subjects that question the individual’s relationship to society. Her work evokes memory, through the notion of secrecy, and the workings of denial. Analysing the effects and consequences of violence, her works mark out a peaceful quest towards resilience. Her visual, conceptual and playful works provoke memory, question the psychological construction and the relationship between consciousness and psyche.

She graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2004 and has been teaching painting and visual arts for 16 years to a variety of audiences. She has participated in several exhibitions and fairs. Through painting, modelling and collage, her work, centred on the human figure, studies the passages between individual and collective identity. Her research mixes in a pictorial language, history, art and society, and manifests the idea of a common culture of humanity.

“AUTO-PORC____” Tirages en terre cuite à partir d’un auto-moulage découpé en 7 parties, 2008 © Delphine Monnereau
” BUSTE ” Techniques mixtes et tissu sur bois 83 x 50 cm, 2016 © Delphine Monnereau
” VESTIGES FEMININS ” Terre cuite, mesure d’un estampage en entier 50 x 20 x 130 cm, 2004 © Delphine Monnereau
” PEAU 1 ” Techniques mixtes sur toile 60 x 57 cm, 2015 © Delphine Monnereau
” TETE ” Terre cuite et émaillée 35 x 20 x 17 cm, 2003 © Delphine Monnereau
” 7 COCHONS ” Colorants et résine, mesure d’un élément 70 x 50 x 90 cm, 2001-2004, ENSBA
© Delphine Monnereau
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