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Michel Monteaux

The constant rise of crises shows how we have lost the measure of things. For the first time in history, humanity as a whole raises the question of its future. Scientific and technological advances destabilize beliefs and lifestyles, and agitate our ability to adapt. Become watchword, “Urgency” is an obstacle for us to choose a serene future.

This vertigo refers to our existential question. What will be our individual and collective choices tomorrow?

Using photography and drawing I explore this moment of uncertainty we called Latency. All of my work is in the form of a pendulum whose two plates would be Rift and Collapse and whose axis is Latency.

A Rift will appear in any organization that is evolving. It warns of the vital need to regulate to avoid self-destruction.

A Collapse is a salutary catastrophe. It brings us back to the measure of our existence, implying conscious choices.

Between Rift and Collaps, Latency claims time to breathe. A fundamental moment, when the conscious and the unconscious dialogue in full awakening.
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