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Mourad Alouane
The Right Image of Tunisia

The rapid pace of change in today’s society caused by globalisation and technological development has enabled design as a creative activity to engage in everyday life through social design to meet the needs and expectations of an ever-changing society.

Social design aims to make the world more habitable beautiful and united, it focuses on individuals as a group without neglecting individual needs, in order to create products and services with a socio-cultural purpose.
Social design is considered the driving force behind social innovation contributing to the development of a new way of life and a new social attitude, this change is achieved through social initiatives with a non-profit purpose to defend a cause and to have solutions for the good of society.
Its role is the representation, organization and planning of society for the evolution of its cultural, economic and political image for the development of a new way of life and a new social attitude. For this reason, social design is therefore committed to a great responsibility towards the individual, the social group, as it is considered to be an effective means to meet their physical and psychological needs.

Nowadays, the changes that society has undergone have brought good (the development of technology, health…) and also evil which is reflected in the emergence of new phenomena that affect society around the world (corruption, violence, crime, terrorism…), for these reasons the social design is committed to defend society and the individual against these problems.
Also terrorism is considered as the use of real or symbolic violence for political purposes.

It originates in the use of violence by minorities or individuals with a view to destabilizing and striking massively at public opinion and the States concerned. Its aim is the total destruction of the State and the terrorization of its citizens.
I chose the theme of terrorism because I find it a taboo subject, very present in our society today.
All Tunisians are directly or indirectly affected by terrorism because its damage is catastrophic and has a negative impact on the individual and the state, and that is why solutions must be found to combat this phenomenon.
Terrorism I feel it present in my daily life especially after the numerous attacks carried out in my country during its last years, this new scourge that threatens Tunisia and has destroyed its beautiful image given the huge number of Tunisian jihadists who are in the conflict zones.
Through this project, I wanted to show that Tunisia will remain the land of peace and love and not of terrorism, by promoting the true image of Tunisia and highlighting these products to remain always among the first in the export for the development of the economy of the country in order to solve many problems (unemployment, illiteracy, corruption) which are considered as the main causes that lead to terrorism.
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