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Tal Waldman
Talva D

I create collaborative and sustainable art and design projects that rely on the social dimension with an emphasis on craftsmanship. I believe in the power of art to communicate ideas and transmit values of a pluralistic and tolerant society and of a sustainable mode of life. My themes of creation are: collective memory, migration, uprooting, identity, mother – woman… I try to elaborate these reflections through research, art projects and published design projects. The material and the working methodology are a part of my conception: Recycled material, innovative expertise, revival of traditional craftsmanship, while initiating an alternative and collaborative work environment, because big changes start by small changes in the proximate eco-system. These ideas are particularly addressed in the projects shown in the video: Embroidered Memories, 3D Stained Glass with Mother-Woman and Uprooting and Liseron.

A film by Elodie Guth, http://g-elodie.tumblr.com/

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