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Poku Cheremeh
Bedroom Incantation

I re-appropriate the spatial composition of classical painting to produce installations. Spatial design.

I invite people who are present in my life to intrude the spaces I design. Mise-en-scène.

I impose a situation to my guests to capture their lives in the moment. Action/performance.

The situation I reproduce often correlate to my memory. The necessity to reproduce these events is in the need to overcome my haunted struggle. There are demons who follow me and my solemn need of depiction is conveyed through the measure of a narration.

So I heighten the senses of my guest characters by introducing elements that would stimulate their taste, smell, sight, ears or touch. Life-style magic.

Throughout the processes (the ritual) records are made, sequencing the turn of events. As my pictures are taken the revelation of the supernatural is revealed through the medium of photography for example.

Food is an essential apparatus for the development of my work. It is a bait or a protection against the dark forces that haunt my memories.

I construct identities with elements of nutrition. The characters I produce are figments of darkness. Theses are the people who haunt my memories as I surround myself with others. The characters I choose are forces that can help me overcome malpractice. They are imagery that help me see myself in search of a consistent identity.

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