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Leonid Zeiger
Art comes out

The project “ART COMES OUT” that I initiated and curated, has consisted of a series of events in the center of Jerusalem as well as in the Judean desert. I conducted some of them alone and some in collaboration with other artists.
The main idea of the project was to get works of art out of the “white cubes” of the galleries and into the public space, exposing it to people who are not the typical “gallery crowd”.

The events had to be almost spontaneous, without the official consent of the municipality, to be achieved by the simplest means and independently from any institutions. Most of the works were created especially for the project.
The cultural tradition of art performances on Jerusalem streets goes back to the 70-s. My actions, however, are not a political or social statement in any way; the city is jam-packed with such connotations. It was an experiment of sorts. What will happen if one superimposes the space of the urban landscape with the painted space of the canvases? Art works, brought out from the artists’ studios and installed in the urban environment or the bare desert, may be interpreted as a sarcasm on behalf of the authors, or just the opposite – a genuine attempt to alter the visual perception of places well-known, a sort of juxtaposition of art and “reality”.

My actions exist in a limited time frame. There is an interesting interaction between the canvases and a highly active, dynamic environment, immensely different from the sterile gallery space. The dialogue between an object of art, “touring” through the streets of the city, and its surroundings and the casual viewer, is being generated and dissolved, without leaving traces.
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