‘Matters Matter’ de Michel Monteaux

Michel Monteaux will show his work Matters Matter at the group exhibition L’être hybride taking place at the Espace d’Art de Chaillioux, in Fresnes, France.

In Matters Matter, Michel Monteaux collects waste of all kinds and photographs it with a scanner. This process alters objects that are considered to be of no interest and gives them an aura, a second life, revealing a soul in what had become inanimate. These paradoxical still lifes put our way of life on trial, reminding us that waste will be the most important contribution of the generations of the late 20th and early 21st centuries to the sad history of humanity. However, he sees it as a source of redemption, of transmigration, when he writes: “In this way we affirm our disconnection from the organic nature of the elements, those which constitute the very essence of life. But out of sight, waste continues to transform and is therefore not inert. It becomes part of a universe in motion and joins the billions of particles that make up the energy and matter from which we are born.”

Find out more about the exhibition here.