“Warm up”

We are happy to share that the artist Mykalle Bielinski has developed a new performance, Warm up.

The third instalment in her series on the sacred, Warm up explores our relationship with nature through the lens of our use of resources and overconsumption, and tries to rethink the act of making art within the context of the climate crisis. Thanks to a bicycle that generates the electricity to power the show, the performer explores the principles of degrowth and resilience through a ritual rife with mythological and political overtones. Utilizing all available resources, she interrogates the audience about their feelings and transforms their answers into mantras and guidelines for the new world. In this athletic and musical piece, science, fiction, and science fiction collide to inspire a paradigm shift on both the personal and societal level.

You can see the performance between the 13th and 17th of december in Montréal. Follow this link to book a ticket!