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Mykalle Bielinski
Music and Society

“The musician gives birth to moments of eternal grace.” Christian Saint-Pierre, Le Devoir

At a time when the practices and spaces strengthening our sensitive relationship with the world have been overshadowed and diluted in mass culture, I appropriate the scene to make it the place of a poetic resacralization. My songs, my voice and my music linger to take action: testifying to beauty, connecting the individual to the mythical, situating the sublime in him and inspiring transformative action. The dramatization of these elements in personal and immersive concerts that mix song, spirituality and multidisciplinary arts call the community to transcendence:

“Gloria’s spectators experience this possibility of art as a new religion, that is to say, as a possible territory of sociality and communion, with its rituals and pilgrimages, its eventualities of contact with unspeakable.” Alexandre Cadieux, Grace and Glory, Le Devoir

The concert becomes an amplified space-time dissociated from the real, which nevertheless makes us feel unexplored dimensions of our interiority. With my song, I seek to move, to awaken to dimensions charged with mystery which will revive at first, the deep sensibility and will then inspire creative action. My humanistic approach to the sacred is concerned with memory, love and death through the prism of anthropology, ethnomusicology, philosophy, spirituality and aesthetics. Making them want to commit to the beauty of the world is at the heart of my work.

“We feel […] that the artist is in osmosis with his time, perhaps a little at the forefront.” Catherine Genest, Polyphonically yours, Voirr

Known for her enchanting voice, fine electro music and fiery poems, Mykalle has been active on the Montreal scene for almost a decade. Whether with her poems, songs or music, she has participated in a variety of poetry, performance, singing, music and theater events. Her stays with Eugenio Barba, her beginnings on the alternative scene in song, spoken word and slam, her training as an actress at UQAM and later, her profession as a performer and composer as well as the theatrical nature of her musical practice make her a hybrid artist of unclassifiable versatility.
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