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Brigande is an artist, musician, Ney player and composer oriented towards electronic music. Her inspirations influences ranging from classical oriental to punk, through noise, techno and Hip hop. She collaborates with DJs, VJs, singers, performers, dancers for shows, events and immersive projects. Her work is based on sharing and meeting with diverse and heterogeneous audiences. Brigande created the soundtrack for the video presentation Arts and Society for the World Humanities Conference in 2017.

Self-taught, she started by organizing free parties in wild and unusual places within collectives. Curious about all forms of musicality, she left the movement to explore new sounds and provoke new encounters. In 2013, in a nod to her origins, which she found again by the French agency of personal origins (Conseil National Accès aux Origines Personnelles) after years of research (crossing several deserts). She produced a fusion album, which she dedicated to children left in a state of abandonment, mixing traditional Arab and modern (electro) sounds in a deep, colourful and polyglot music. Other collaborations will follow, exchanges always going beyond borders.

Interested in various disciplines, she meets designers of electronic musical instruments such as JLD, DJR400, Fractal association, to whom she brings a technical collaboration on some of their works. In particular, she took part in a technical intervention on Patrice Moullet’s OMNI instrument, which aims at interacting with children with disabilities. She joined the workshop of Jean-Loup Dierstein, the wizard of electronic violin making, where she learnt the mechanical maintenance of electronic musical instruments.

Brigande participates in the making of Onde Martenot’s keyboards, one of the oldest electronic instruments created, which Jean-Loup Dierstein reissues and improves in his Parisian workshop, thus preserving the musical heritage.
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