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Chris Taal
To bring together

The project: To bring together
After five years of the stage and encounters, I have just recorded my 1st album: “Être·s” (To be/Beings) with several of these people; an album that brings together. This album traces these five years of collaborations. Reunited/United beings, as so many aspects of ourselves, to invite all beings to recognize themselves, to connect – first with oneself, in order to be able to connect with others, in order to become one, in the end. “Être·s” by Chris TAAL 11 titles of inspired slam & world music
You can listen to the album on bandcamp:
My intention to begin with was to create a project that nourishes hearts and souls, that arouses encountering, sharing, between people from different horizons, a project that brings us together in our diversities, by what we have in common ; like so much wealth, ways of being, beings…
This album brings together people from very different cultures and social backgrounds. Yet, everyone can identify with the texts.

The texts embodying wisdom, philosophy and sacred messages bring people together around what we all have in common: the freedom to be and to love, to be loved, to be respected, to be able to be oneself, to be in peace.
Refined and of great simplicity: a voice, an instrument. In the manner of a storyteller, I take you elsewhere for an instant, this instant in which everything stops, this instant, each musician creates a universe, authentic, original, that belongs to each text. Sobriety applies. Everything is expressed in its full dimension, has its place, complements each other and balances out. Profound, strong, with a liberating effect, this project transcends time, repairs hearts and souls.
I dedicate this album to all the children of the world, to all the children that we once were, that we still are and that we always will be, in our hearts. Let our hearts continue to guide us.
With Matéo Langlois (Saxophone and Piano), Christophe Haunold (Accordion and Piano), Sevan Arevian (Doudouk, Didgeridoo, Esket and singing), Julia Jolly (Shamanic drums and wind tubes), Ahmed Loukili for « Gofast ProdZ » (“Virevoltant vite” instrumental), Rachid Amrani (Gembri), Sébastien Geze aka “Sebseb” (Voice and “He who says, is” instrumental) and Chris TAAL (Texts and Voice).
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