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Jale Asya Özyılmaz
Sound of water is same here

Jale Asya Özyılmaz was born and raised in Ankara. She finished her Doctorate in Fine Arts in 2015 with the thesis titled “Imaginary location of the subject” at Hacettepe Universty’s Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. She has participated many national and international group exhibitions, organized many group exhibitions and opened one solo exhibition. Currently, she is working as an assistant professor at Ordu University.

“My experience so far was to be able to look at the nature of difference, alluding itself to me mentally from a qualitative distance. On the other hand, this emphasis was revealing so complicated things, that it was as if the expression of something bleeding itself independently from its form. And then, after these, in another moment, the look; again with one of its forms, it seemed to witness something different of such a distance. What I searched for as possible was something in pure visions of entity consciousness or that pure face of familiar one. It was sound, inflammation, dream.”

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