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Lizzania Sanchez
Ells, figuras que gritan el espacio o algo con color azul

The project “ells, figures that shout space or something with blue color” is developed in the context of the programmed blackouts throughout the Venezuelan territory during the so-called energy crisis. It takes the form of steel flowers grouped in varying amounts, of variable, artificial, sound and luminous heights.

In what way, to exasperate that particular darkness that appropriates “my” outside, leaving it impassable? How can I face it if I only have this, a mortal and fragile body?

The final test of this project is to carry out the artificial planting of these flower structures between 8 and 10 meters high along the Venezuelan territory. Pursuing this goal is what has allowed the project to develop as a series of materialization tests over time.

To date, 6 tests have been carried out to explore different surfaces and sizes to materialize the image of “ells, figures that shout space or something with blue color”, it is in its construction, its repetition in space, that the proposal seeks to force surfaces of escape, leave behind our human bodies and become artificial structures that can attack towards the “natural”, that can sow light in the loneliness of collective territories. In order to occupy space and force vulnerabilities in different places of artistic exhibition, this project performs 3 types of interventions in collaboration with the Argentinian interpreter Esteban Pucheta.
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