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L’Orient à l’envers – an audio media platform – works on improving the understanding of Middle Eastern news by establishing an ecosystem of experts and local reporters in order to present positive and authentic information. As such, the podcast’s mission is to foster a richer and more nuanced depiction and analysis of Middle East’s essential stakes by valuing local speech.

Our vision is structured around two main editorial lines :

  • Interview set up one a month with experts on a given subject
  • Audio reports with local journalists or citizens bringing contradictory lights on a specific situation

Apart from these two axes of production, L’Orient à l’envers also organizes activities that go along the promotion of a positive and enriched vision of the region as well as the development of a local and citizen journalism :

  • Release of lives with guests willing to raise awareness on Middle East diversity
  • Valorization of initiatives promoting alternative news and diversified stories
  • Setting-up of collaborations and partnerships matching our ambitions.

L’Orient à l’envers has been incubated by La Ruche Factory x Le Media Lab 93 in the course of l’Ecole du Lab – a program dedicated to the growth of media start-ups and has also been selected at the Fisheye Magazine’s contest. For 2022, the podcast intends to reach 3000 subscribers and increase its number of international partnerships.

“Our desire with podcast is to bring critical look towards the treatment and the representation news in France / french speaking regions while keeping a link with people, through interviews with citizens, local or refugee journalists. That’s what’s important for us. We want to be at the heart of this information to have people’s testimonies, feelings to bring a different version of the story”
-Nawel El Ghiati and Chloé Guyard, founders of the Podcast L’Orient à l’envers.

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