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The Art&tça company was formed in 2012 by a collaborative group of artists who enjoy producing documentary theatre. We use the stage to interpret, explore and question the social paradigms and general wisdoms that pervade our society. Through the art of performance, we weave this questioning into a expressive artform that others can share and in turn, question themselves.  Our stories empower our audiences by providing diverse ideological frames of reference outside of their own lived experience and ignored by the mainstream media. It is our hope, that by better understanding society, we can liberate ourselves and our audiences from the invisible, intangible yet often, oppressive rules that bind us to it.  To further explore the themes and ideas presented in our work, our productions are followed by audience and cast led discussions and debates. This has the mutual benefit of providing a ‘right of reply’ for audience members while allowing our work to benefit from thoughtful public scrutiny. Examples of our work include:
• An exploration of the parallels between the Belgian General Strikes of the 60’s and modern Austerity politics.
• The impact of neoliberal ideology in the school yard – An exploration of laissez-faire capitalism as applied to primary schools.
• Our dwindling dependence of domestic food produce and the extinction of the French Agricultural tradition.
• An exploration of the political and economic mechanisms that manufacture poverty and precarity. Our productions are staged in theatres and alternative performance spaces around Europe. Together with our artists, audiences are taken on a journey through European History, economic transitions, pedagogies and social upheaval and more. We seek to inform and empower our audiences  with ideas that resonate and transform them from passive observers to inspired political actors on the world stage. In the words of Bertolt Brecht, “You came to do theatre, but now a question; in order to do what?”.
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