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Sabatina Leccia
Painting Embroidery

Embroidery is the main component of my current artwork. I use it as a medium to create poetical and intuitive pieces. In general, through my projects my intent is to express the importance to take time, delicacy and emotion in a world overwhelmed by metric thinking and automation.

“Painting Embroidery” is a collection of paintings I started in 2013. It happened by accident, one day, when I spsilled ink on a piece of fabric by mistake. I found the result interesting, so instead of throwing it away I repaired the stain by embroidering all around it. It became my process, I always start by staining the fabric. I love working with ink because of its unpredictable behaviour. I never plan for anything, or draw any sketch beforehand. I aim for a spontaneous explosion of colours and patterns.

Working manually is a form of meditation, and those unexpected drawings are a way to explore my inner landscape. My inspiration comes from the artworks of primitive tribes like the Aboriginals or the Tibetans, who use rituals to create paintings and mandalas.
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