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Veronica Antonelli
Monuments Enchantés

We’re just vibrating. I vibrate with the monument and use its natural force to reveal its soul.
The voice is like a wave that hits the wall, floor, ceiling and comes back charged with the vibration of what it has touched.
I direct the sound in a way that enhances the place. I put myself at the service of the monument, listening to it, then I adapt my tunes according to the needs of the site.

Singing allows each person to find their own personal resonance. The proximity of the desecrated opera singer is an asset for the listeners. My simple approach, while I perform real vocal performances, makes this still too elitist art accessible.

I have created innovative routes in cities, from site to site, in search of the most beautiful of acoustics. I propose for any public, mixed public, for neophytes and for music lovers these itinerant lyrical shows. The idea is to learn to grasp the Beauty, around us, such as it is and to understand the value of our environment.

I have been a lyric artist for 25 years and I created the concept Monuments Enchantés in 2005. My concept consists in making people discover the heritage (natural, industrial, urban, historical) through my lyrical voice a capella which allows me to transmit lyrical art, intangible heritage. The public has positive experiences in the monuments and this encourages them to learn more about their history, and individually about their history.
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