Call for Contributions: Action and Research Partners
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HAS Magazine launches a call for contributions for individuals and organisations wishing to communicate about their ongoing projects in the upcoming issues.
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HAS aims to keep HAS Magazine free and accessible to all. The editorial committee proposes a specific section focused on actions and research partners, from the arts and humanities community around the globe, to contribute informational content, allowing for the gratuity of the magazine. We would like to thank these precious research and cultural resources that offer in turn a financial resource for the HAS Magazine.

Aligned with the mission of the HAS project, this section seeks to inform of and promote ongoing programs, projects and pursuits around the world that contribute to the target aims of UNESCO, CIPSH and MDA, through knowledge production, resource sharing, and providing access to culture for all.

This section is reserved to institutions and other organisms who wish to promote their actions in relation to each open call for contributions of the HAS Magazine.


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