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Francesco Caiazza
Luckily there isn’t sun

Stay close to me and I’ll drive you… Stay calm, with me you are safe.

The important thing is that you don’t go out alone..

Let’s go under that roof… Luckily there there sun is not out.

To be born albino in South East Africa means to have to fight every day against two terrible enemies: the sun and the hunters. The sun kills them slowly, the hunters instantly.

The bones torn from albinos still alive are the ‘ingredients’ of aberrant tribal rituals.

My name is Francesco Caiazza, I am a photographer specialized in portraiture and I use my photos as a tool to improve some lives. Since 2004 I am working as photographer volunteer for NGO. I worked for NGO JatunSancha in Ecuador,Onetwotree in Guatemala and for Africaintesta in Tanzania. Although the projects are different, the tool is always the same: helping community in order to improve them. My projects are aimed, using pictures, to raise money and awareness. For several years my personal goal has been to recognise and subsequently attribute power to art as a means for changing things in practice.

Solidary calendars and photo exhibitions are the tools that I use to raise money, to raise awareness and make facts known to that world that still ignores what is happening, miles away from our comfortable lives.

When I met the children for the first time they all slept on the floor. Today, thanks to the awareness raised through my photos, they have beds, mattresses and a roof…. And it does not end here.

Art produces inspirations that spread. Other artistic no-profit projects were born after that first time.
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