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Alejandra Vivi Aranda
The Unveiling of the Enchantment

Technique: Painting – Photography – Paper mache
“The Unveiling of the Enchantment” is an artwork installation that acts as a multiple enigmatic door, immediately reflecting the observer in his process of questions about himself, the mystery of existence, time, paradox.

Motivations: I am motivated by mystery, everything we don´t know about ourselves, the development of our abilities, questions, associations, synchronies, dreams, the human psyche, its ability to awaken. Duality, time and space inspire me, also everything that symbolizes what exists and what does not exist. Truth… There is always more Truth.

Objectives: My motivations bring me closer to my goals: to improve myself, to improve ourselves as human beings, as people. It is worth remembering that “persona” (from Latin) means “to sound through”, a word originated in ancient theater where it was believed that the gods spoke through the masks of the actors. I also care about communication, linking the visible and invisible worlds through images, symbols and dance. As we discover aspects of ourselves that remained in the darkness, use them to improve ourselves.

Impact: The truth is that even the most daily action has an impact in some way. I like that my images work as little doors that provoke a reflection of some part of the observer that invites him to a different question, to imagine. It is important that we understand that it does matter what we do, that “the game” becomes attractive once we discover that there are invisible but real doors… the question moves us. Recognize ourselves in a fragment of the Mirror that the other person is.
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