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Giovanna Magri

My work mainly develops through photographic portrait.
The implementation of projects comes from a deep research on multiple aspects of man, his being and his thinking.

Photographic language becomes the land of comparison, of awareness, reflection, help, change, responsibility…
Projects presented here range from:

  • “ SOUL PRESENCE”: A young world that decided with great and mature awareness to dedicate his life to faith
  • “RE-GENERATE”: Women who live in a state of detention, and decide to test their sad and hard experience in order to find and re-try a new vision
  • “COGITO”: Men who, remaining in shadows and with humbleness of mind, put themselves on tap of others and for the good of man.

People who, in their diversity, work with great awareness and participation onto a path that is never “art for art” but as art for the world, for mankind.
As a source of growth, of social utility and as a reason to move the conscience of the outside world …
A continuous work by man, towards man and for man.
“Photography, therefore, disappears in its technical dimension, and assumes the responsibility of meaning and signifier… !!”
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