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Jean-Michel Rolland

A musician and a painter for a long time, I focus on digital art to make my two favourite medium meet: sound and image.

At the origin of each of my creations, musicality plays a role as important as image does and each one influences the other in an assumed relationship of co-presence. This relationship can operate by natural complementarity, by co-construction or by co-generation. The result is a series of videos, audiovisual performances, generative art, interactive installations and VJ sets where sound and image are so inseparable that the one without the other would lose its meaning.

Unlike Scriabine’s, Kandinsky’s or even Schoenberg’s works with whom I like to identify, neither sound or image come first ; the two mediums take birth in a same creative impulse intended to be reactivated. In video art, my technique consists in shooting sequences where sound and image have already the same importance.

The strong constraint of my approach is to never split them apart but on the contrary to play on their perceptive complementarity to issue new realities out of them. My audiovisual performances are live extensions of my video works. The time transformation techniques I use are the same but, performed in real time, they don’t escape from the inherent characteristics of any performance : they are influenced by their public, ephemeral and unique.

I design generative animations where image and sound meet this time in abstraction. These animations, where randomness plays a major role, are bound to an infinite evolution in order to immerse the viewer in an unknown world where they all see different realities in the shapes and sounds.

My installations are based on the same technical resorts as my generative animations but they are focused on the public whose role changes by becoming an interactor. In these works where nothing can been seen or heard when no visitor is present, the public become co-author of the work by creating its audiovisual reality. Still in abstraction, I design VJ sets where interactivity plays a major role by giving sound the control over image : the shapes that are shown only exist and evolve in space thanks to the decibels received by the algorithms of the program.
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