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Marten Berkman
Remote Sensibility

Remote Sensing is the acquisition of quantitative data from remote geographies, to inform our understanding, and our actions, in these landscapes. Yet what may be left out of the picture this creates? What of the qualitative meaning in the distant landscapes we impact, but may never know first hand? How do we perceive the rest of nature meaningfully from the vantage point of our manufactured spaces? What is our means of remote sensibility?

We treat the world the way we see the world. But if we do not see the life teeming in a freshwater spring, or surviving tenaciously at the extremes of possibility on the remote reaches of the planet, how is it included in our minds, in our hearts? What is our contemporary conduit for sensitive relationship with the earth?

The artistic practice this has inspired explores the duality (or the illusion of it) of human nature with the rest of nature, applying creativity and technologies as a part of our ecology: the ecology of our perception.

Remote Sensibility is the theme of my artistic practice. Using the parameters of digital visual technologies in interpreting and reflecting landscapes, I wish to provide an experience of the many and complex layers of meaning and relationships between the Earth and global industrial culture. In this process, art may challenge assumptions and dualities, providing a contemporary vehicle for sensitive relationship between human nature, and the rest of nature.
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